SEO: The differences between and

Fergus Clawson

SEO: The differences between and

A common problem that people find in search engine optimisation (SEO) is that you may find yourself ranked highly in but not so in the UK domain. Of course for domestic based websites that generate most of their custom within the UK, targeting within the UK is imperative especially since many people click on the ‘pages from the UK’ radio button allowing users to filter their searches. However, just because you have maximised your on and off site optimisation and see a significant increase in rankings on does not always result in the same positive outcome in

So how can you improve your SEO in

One of the first places to start is with on site optimisation. Using local meta tags in the html head of your homepage as well using address tags within the body of your homepage should help improve your rankings within Although undertaking this has yet to be concluded as effective it won’t hurt and may prove useful later on. It is also (and this is widely disputed) beneficial for you to use or switch to a domain as this allows Google to easily identify the country of origin of your site. Another effective method is to host your site in the UK and more importantly your IP should locate in the UK.

Using effective off site optimisation can also see your website climb the rankings of The best place to start is by link building with websites that are in the UK using as many domains as possible. To further enhance your ranking it is beneficial that the links are quality and to get as many of these as possible. By having quality links it should not matter if your domain is or .com if you get enough links then you should find your website increasing in rankings. This can be undergone through back linking using directory submissions or through reciprocal linking. Lastly it could prove very beneficial to tell Google where your website or company is located and this can be done using Google Local Business Centre and this puts your business on Google maps and further enhances your off site optimisation.

These are just some basic steps in improving your ranking and should not take too much exertion. By understanding that there is a difference in how and differ when it comes to SEO you should be able to see improvements in both domains and as well as a healthier business.


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