Flash Sites: Hope for Getting into Google

Fergus Clawson

Flash Sites: Hope for Getting into Google

Using Flash in website design has previously caused headaches for implementing successful Search Engine Optimisation strategies but if you are stuck with a recently developed Flash website there is now hope for getting your site indexed in Google. As search engines have struggled with capturing dynamic web content Flash is often completely avoided. Static websites have been the answer to avoid this problem but now Google are looking to solve the problem Flash has presented.

The solution is Adobe Flash Player. Google and Adobe have been working to apply this technology to search engines so that more content in Flash sites can be indexed. What does this mean for your Flash site? Now Google can match textual information found within your Flash files with the keywords searchers are using, resulting in more traffic for your site.

The future now looks more promising for websites with Flash to be successful with SEO but will results be better in comparison to static sites? Whilst the usability of a website can cause the difference between a visitor to your site staying or leaving Flash has little benefit over a basic static website other than aesthetic value. Deciding too use too much Flash may compromise your position in the search engines, however, if you feel Flash is a vital element to your site then Google are working to get your site seen.


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