Is Google too awkward?

Fergus Clawson

Is Google too awkward?

It‘s understandable that Google doesn’t like to offer too much help to those mystified by its algorithm. If it let all the details out then providing users with a valued list of results will become almost impossible. But is it just sometimes too…awkward? And could this be a chink in its armour in the future?

Its ‘awkwardness’ stems from its lack of communication and facelessness. This has not gone unnoticed though – right from the beginning it has changed their logo to reflect current events in an attempt to connect with its audience. And it has wheeled out Matt Cutts in order to give the organisation a human outlet for problem solving for those attempting to maximise the opportunities that the Google search model presents. Plus, those within the realm of Google Adwords can access a representative for help.

However, there is still a sense of alienation among the many that try to use organic search as a channel for business growth. If you have an issue – such as disappearing from the index – you will not get much in the way of constructive help. At present, it seems to be playing around, causing big changes in results, without much notification to the wider world or regard for those whose livelihoods are affected. Matt Cutts can provide a small amount of insight and help, but can he help everyone individually?

Perhaps this could be something that competitors can capitalise on when formulating a viable alternative – just a simple pointer or two (without giving too much away) from a designated SEO representative could go a long way in making everything feel a bit more inclusive.


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