How To Improve CTR and Quality Score - Optimisation Tips

Fergus Clawson

How To Improve CTR and Quality Score - Optimisation Tips

Click through rate and quality score improvement is really all about optimising your ad copies and making them more relevant to potential buyers. Editorial optimisation should mainly focus on designing highly relevant and targeted advertising to help drive qualified traffic to your site.

1.   Keyword Insertion {KeyWord:………….}
Once you have created tightly themed ad groups, use the keyword insertion tool in your ad copies to make your message more relevant. When a user sees an ad with the same term they searched for, they’ll be more likely to click the ad.

2.    Inter-capitalize your ad texts
A lot of advertisers neglect this aspect in they campaigns but appropriate capitalization in an ad always improves its appearance, makes it look more professional and most importantly it attracts more hits.

3.    Use appropriate keywords in the ad description lines.
When creating an ad always implement the keyword or key phrase that has originally triggered the ad in both description lines. The system will highlight them in bold and give your ads greater visibility. Again this will make the ad look more eye-catching and more relevant.

4.   Experiment with your marketing message.
Always create at least 3 ad copy variations within each ad group. Implement multiple messages, unique selling points and call-to-action phrases. Don’t be afraid to be different in your approach – use questions, make searchers feel that you have got what they want. Once you gather enough performance data, eliminate ads with poor ctr’s and only display the best performing ones.

5.   Use a descriptive display URL
If your display URL is less than the 35 character limit you can use the remaining space to add a descriptive path name following your website’s domain. These descriptive paths complement your ad’s message and convince more searchers to click through to your site.


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