Cutting Edge Link Building with Adgooroo's Link Insight


Cutting Edge Link Building with Adgooroo's Link Insight

This week we have been playing with Adgooroo’s Link Insight tool which helps you go into great detail about the links to and from your website as well as up to 9 other competitors.

What I like about Link Insight is the really simple graphs for link quantity but more importantly, the quality. You also get to see your site and how it fares against your competitors, shown here in different colours. Link quality is judged on links from ‘Trust‘ websites compared to ‘Spam‘ websites. The ideal situation is a bell curve that leans towards ‘High quality’ links. More on this later on.

adgooroographsIn the walk-through demo of Link Insight, we were given the analogy of a bow tie for the two types of  links available for your site, where your site is the knot in the bow tie.

On one loop of the bow tie are “Origin Sites“. These are defined as sites that are a bit niche and obscure but have been made through a ‘Labour of Love‘. These are sites that hold a lot of link juice and are usually low trafficked. Links from these sites are defined as a ‘Trust‘ link.On other loop of the bow tie, you have “Termination Sites“. These are those that are commercial or retail with many links in, but very few links out to any sites. Links from these sites are sometimes defined as ‘Spam‘  links.

The idea of Link Insight is to help you find the “Origin Sites” that are normally quite hard to track down manually.You also get to see at a glance your competitors back-links,whether or not they are from trust sites and there is an extra function to ‘edit‘ the link so that you can monitor which websites have been contacted and which  need following up.Very useful when there are multiple people working on one campaign. Aside from the links picked up from the Link Insight tool, you can also manually add your own links and track them in this same way.


Adgooroo Edit Link

There is also a breakdown of the sites based on Trust, Spam, Social, Geo and Others. These can be seen in in charts or pie charts, and everything can be exported to other formats if necessary.

Altogether, Adgooroo’s Link Insight is both good for visual overview of the links from your website but is also great at drilling down into the individual links and helping you to keep track of them.

There are quite a number of useful ‘groupings’ like the “High Value Links” tab (links that Adgooroo deems high value) and the “Hubs” tab, which lets you know which sites have 3 or more competitors linked to.  This leads on to the Cocitation Factor filter which defines if one link has more than one of your competitors in. These are useful, not least because you want to be associated with a trustworthy link, but also one that is authoritative within your own industry. Keep in mind that lots of directories offer ‘free links’ but may group your site in amongst gambling and adult sites. This is not ‘good company’ and would undermine the quality of your website as the page is being crawled. An  easy way to get hold of what neighbourhoods your websites are related to is to use this search string in Google.

adgooroologoLink Insight is definitely worth a look and a demo to see if it will work for you. Adgooroo has just gained a powerful ‘link evangelist’ in the Internet Marketing world, Eric Ward, so in theory this should all be quite good. It’s worth keeping in mind that it will take several days, if not weeks for you to get the most accurate readings from Link Insight, so plan ahead. The only downsides to this tool at the moment are that the results are biased towards the US and Canada, so we will get a skewed ‘Geo’ reading. Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether or not the links found are properly classified as ‘Trust’ or ‘Spam’ based on the tool’s own algorithm. Time will tell. Expect an update in a few months!

Check out Adgooroo here.


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