Free DIY SEO Guide - Download Now!

Free DIY SEO Guide - Download Now!

The Blueclaw blog has been unusually quiet these last few weeks, but this was because we have been working on your very own do it yourself SEO Guide, available for free download right here on the Blueclaw website!

If you’re just starting out with your first website and want to effectively target search engines for a certain keyword or search query for users to find your business, this is for you.

In a handy and digestable document, this easy to follow and practical SEO guide will walk you through the very basics in keyword research, on-site optimisation, basic link building activities and some social media activities that you can work on.  (in less than 30 pages!)
From finding the right keywords to form the basis of your SEO campaign, to advising on some crucial on-site and code optimisation, we’ll make sure that your website will definitely be noticed by search engines.

We will be revisiting this from time to time and we’ll post updates on our blog when we do so you’ll be able to get the latest version. We hope this will help you on your journey to SEO success and would love to hear any feedback on this guide.

Happy reading, and don’t forget to share with your friends!


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