Mother's Day Search Engine Optimisation- Mum's the Word


Mother's Day Search Engine Optimisation- Mum's the Word

Mother’s Day is a topical- trending national day. Have you thought about optimising your website to capture any searching souls?  Maybe your PR and social media strategy needs a little attention?

Edit the copy on your website- Here are a few SEO suggestions you can consider:

  • Add some new Mother’s Day themed content such as a “Perfect Buys for Mum” or “Mother’s Day wish list”.
  • Add keywords to and optimise your title tags. Title tags are definitely one of the most important aspects, in terms of the algorithmic weight given to them by search engines. If you are selling flowers a perfect opportunity would be to turn your title tag into ‘flowers for Mother’s Day’ as this would capture a popular search term.
  • Optimise the Meta Description tag so that you manage to capture crucial search terms.
  • Build do follow Links to specific Mother’s Day pages
  • Add links to your Social Media sites to attract the attention of the search engines.
  • Create a couple of new themed pages.

Mothers Day- Press release
If you are aiming to push sales over Mother’s Day- think about producing a press release that is optimised with key search terms. You could include a title such as ‘The Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day’ or a simple one line ‘Gifts for Mum’. It is more than likely that your topical release will be crawled and picked up by relevant news sources.
When writing the body of your text ensure you chose synonyms of the key terms you wish to include. If you have mentioned chocolates for Mothers day – why not substitute again for sweet confectionery for Mother’s Day. This way you are covering alternative search terms without generating a pure piece of marketing spiel.

Google Insight (2)

Google Insight

Google Insight

Google Insight

You can use Google Insights for Search to pull out all of the relevant key words

Social Media

If you already have a Facebook page, Twitter or Linked In- then you will probably be set up to promote to your followers and friends. Look at the stock and products you have and publicise items ideal for Mothers Day Gifts.
If you do not currently have a firm social following then you may want to consider advertising on social sites, the quicker the better. However do not push out pure marketing spiel as this easily becomes boring. The demographics and targeting that are provided will allow you to better define your advertising and quickly tap into your audience.


A few Social Suggestions:

  • Create a Mother’s Day promotion and then Tweet and Post about it to your friends and followers.
  • Watch social trends related to Mothers Day and join in with the conversation. You may just build up word of mouth and increase your sales.
  • The search engines are gathering hints and clues about what is popular online from Social Media sites. Tweets and posts are a good way to generate some additional search buzz and can impact organic results.
  • Blog – using Mother’s Day related content and offer to guest post on others that are linked to the same niche.

Great example of a Mother’s Day social media plan



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