Google And Its Hidden Trickery!


Google And Its Hidden Trickery!

On Thursday November 3rd we got a taste of Google’s playful side when the search term “do a barrel roll” resulted in Google’s search screen rotating by 360 degrees, bringing a smile to millions everywhere.

The barrel trick is however not Google’s only trick that can be found. In fact there are nine of them altogether. The best thing is, you can access them now for instant laughs to brighten up your day.

So without further ado, let’s bring those smiles to play:


1. Using the search term “Google Gravity” followed by pressing “I’m feeling lucky”, you are greeted by the entire Google search page falling to your feet.

google gravity


2. This trick has been around since it started as an April fools joke in 2000 and still works brilliantly if you want to be entertained or spin your friends and family out. Type “” into your URL bar and take it from there!



3. ASCII art is fairly unusual and is a graphic design technique that consists of different pictures that are pieced together and uses computers for presentation. To search for Ascii art confirms you are a bit of a geek and Google rewards this by giving you the word “Google” in special form.



4. If you’re after a nice visual treat, try setting your iGoogle homepage to the beach theme. If you are a night owl then wait until 3:14am and see what delights grace your screen! This is the only one I haven’t checked myself as even the thought if staying awake until that time makes me yawn! If you have experienced it please let me know your thoughts.

beach theme


5. This is one for the intellectuals. If you go to the Google search page and type in “recursion”, Google will then ask you “did you mean recursion?”……



6. This one is my personal favourite, for those of you who like a good retro game it will hopefully be yours too! To celebrate Pacman’s 30th Birthday, Google turned their logo into a full functioning Pacman game! An easy way to lose hours in your day. It can be found at “”



7. Similar to both barrel role and Google gravity, by typing “askew” into your Google search bar, your Google search page will tilt to the right – try and keep your head straight when it does!


Flight Simulation

8. Keeping the best til last, forget maps and street view, the only way to travel is in style with Google Earth’s flight simulator! Open Google Earth and select “tools” then “Enter Flight Simulator” and there you have it, you can set off soaring around the planet. This is my flight over Yorkshire:

flight simulator


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