2014 – The Year of Video?


2014 – The Year of Video?

With the rise of content marketing over 2013, it has got us wondering what the 2014 digital world will hold. We spent an evening with the VP of Telefonica Europe, Dr Mike Short, to get an insight into what one of the biggest mobile phone and internet providers are gearing up to over the next few years.

The Mobile Revolution

It comes as no surprise that mobile and smart phone technology has taken the world by storm, the introduction of network support like 4G is making our internet communication “on the go” even stronger and the way we use our mobiles now, compared to five years ago has revolutionised how we do everything.

“36 million adults in Great Britain access the internet everyday”

“53% access the internet from their mobiles”

Stats like these are only the tip of the mobile market iceberg, and with every Christmas it sees dramatic growth. Telefonica predict by the year 2015 there will be over 9 billion mobile/smart phone devices in circulation. There is only an estimated 7 Billion people on the planet. But multiple smart devices is already a fast growing reality with mobiles, tablets and even TVs.

With the 4G project in full swing and 5G starting to be researched, by 2020 Telefonica are expecting to be able to get 1GB per second to a mobile handset. Making and meaning that video telecommunication will be so much more accessible.

Internet Use on the Go

Internet Use on the Go 2013

Why Video?

Video is already huge on the internet, and has been for years, with YouTube being in the top five most important websites in nearly every chart imaginable.

Facebook still holds the top spot in most cases, due to the number of users, but consumers cried out for nanobites of information and this is exactly what is happening with YouTube,

Services such as Vine and Instagram video have once again redefined how we interact online. And this time it’s video.

Follow the Kids

If you are ever looking for the next big thing, follow the kids.

Facebook has become the uncool social network, whose audience is growing older and baring a new generation of internet users. With Facebook turning 10 next year, the social network is fast outgrowing it’s younger audiences making way for new “underground” social networks such as Snap Chat and Instagram, the way MySpace did back in the early 00’s.

“78% of Smartphone users don’t leave home without their device”

As video is becoming increasingly popular among younger users, the search algorithms will adapt, the way users buy will adapt and even the way we interact with websites and consumers will adapt.

360 degree product views is already giving us new dimensions of product interactions, but retailers are looking for new ways of communicating with consumers. Mobile is at the forefront of this and with YouTube reporting over 100 hours of video uploaded per minute in 2013, the world is adopting video communication at an exponential rate.

So is 2014 The Year of Video?

Probably not, but it’s not far off.

2014 is likely to be the year that content creation gets even more creative, and that search engines focus on refining local searches and probably the year Google starts giving penalties on single-cell marketing on websites.

The growth of small businesses will depend very much on their ability to adapt with the ever changing digital environment.

Video has already started to play such a huge part in our internet experience, with movie trailers, music videos and product reviews a constant important touch point with the big brands. But the costly production values and complex creation of video projects is still far out of the reach of small, SME and micro business marketing budgets.

“128 Minutes Spent on Total Smart Phone Applications Per User, Per Day”

That said my advice is to look at Vine and Instagram video, and start incorporating mobile friendly video marketing into everyday campaigns, be it 30 second product reviews, How-to guides, instructional demonstrations or creation guides. Starting to incorporate it now, even if it is a video every couple of months, will put you ahead of the curve when the market does start to change. After all, out of the 128 minutes spent per user, per day on smart phones, 25 minutes are spent browsing the internet and 17 are spent checking social networks.

What do you think will be the big thing in 2014? 


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