5 Web Design Trends Which Need to Stop


5 Web Design Trends Which Need to Stop

Designing a beautiful website is no easy feat, and with the plethora of rules, codes and tools the whole process can be rather confusing.

Once you get into all of the mechanics to create and design sites, the possibilities are endless.

Every detail counts.

This sector changes every day, therefore it’s essential to be aware of new styles, features and trends.

Unfortunately, there are some web design trends which I keep seeing time and time again which are bad practice and bad functionality.

Take note of the following and if your site is guilty of any of these, it needs to stop…immediately!

1. Pop-up Windows

You are trying to navigate on a website and just a simple click on that link opens up innumerable advertisements.

It’s even more annoying when one of those ads has a JavaScript alert which makes you click to close it and then close the ad page.

This is very common practice but these pop-ups are just so bugging, it’s the main reason why people click off the site and don’t come back. Other examples of pop-ups are “Subscription”, “Follow our page”, “Like this page” or timely offers.

The image above belongs to In this case, the pop up is even worse as it doesn’t even allow you to stay on the site, unless you download a non-related tool to access. Too far!

2. Bad use of Colour

Using appropriate colours for your site is very important. When visitors land on the homepage they are expecting, at the very least, a decent design. The styling should be consistent throughout the whole website in order to be visually appealing.

Take a look at the example below. The combination of using contrasting colours and white space helps you to see the site easily. The problem comes when the colours contrast too much as it makes it difficult to read the content. Additionally, if the website has a lot of empty space it can make the site look quite empty.

3. The Limits of ‘Tables’

Since websites were created, we’ve been trying to enhance them and new tools have evolved to make the coding easier. Initially we used ‘tables’ to create the sites as there was no other way.

Years later, the stranger known as ‘div’ label was invented to replace his friend ‘tables’.

An exciting world full of opportunities opened up in front of our eyes with this new creation.

If we have a quick look at the sites we daily navigate on, we will discover that they are using div labels instead of tables.

However, it’s pretty clear when sites are using tables as the design becomes limited. They restrict the positioning so you cannot play around as well as you can with div labels.

Tables should really only be used in forms as the default structure is nearly done before the styling has even taken place and also when it’s required to display data with a “table style”.

4. Overuse of Banner Ads

We all know that use of banners is necessary, especially since some sites main source of revenue is through advertisements but sometimes you’ll see sites where they can’t seem to get enough of them so all you can see is around 20 banners filling the entire page.

This is just web design at its worst!

It looks like a chaotic mess of colours and shapes with designs not even similar to each other.

On top of all that, some of the banners are not even related to the website at all.

As a visitor, this is very confusing and just looks spammy.

If you do not offer anything but ads, why would visitors make the effort to stay on a website when they could just simply visit another where they have good use of colour, usability and attractive layout?

I believe that the answer is self explanatory.

5. Auto Play

If we didn’t have enough with the annoying pop-ups, here comes the improved version! A new window opens or on the same page with an auto play which comes out of the blue and you are trying to figure out where the annoying noise is coming from. As it has started playing without your permission, the last thing you would do is listen to it; instead you try and turn it off as quick as you can!

It gets worse when you are on the site, watching a video and one of the rotating banners changes into an auto play video. At this point you are really irritated as you have to pause what you are doing just to stop the video, so you can carry on. Absolutely fantastic isn’t it?


Fortunately, we are seeing less of these five web design trends but we still have a long way to go before they become completely obsolete.

The main goal of designing a website should always be to provide a good user experience so the visitor stays on the site and is encouraged to come back.

Ultimately, the question you need to ask is, would you come back to a site where windows keep coming up every time you click on something or if the design makes it really difficult to find and look at the content?


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