Is this the stupidest TV Ad...EVER?


Is this the stupidest TV Ad...EVER?



What do they have in common?

Absolutely nothing.

You don’t even feed cats biscuits.

So why then, have McVities gone and created an ad which is all about cats?

Kittens, to be precise.

It’s clear to me, as a content marketer, the thought process that McVities has evidently had.

We all know how popular cat photos and memes are – you likely can’t scroll through your Facebook newsfeed without seeing at least one cat picture.

UK users share more than 3.8 million cat-related photos and videos online every single day and when comparing that with the 1.4 million ‘selfies’ (which recently landed itself a spot in the Oxford Dictionary), we can see how ingrained this cat-loving culture has become.

So, what did McVities do?

The big wigs at McVities have put two and two together and thought ‘Aha! We know what will make people buy our biscuits. Cats!’

I don’t know about you, but I think this ad is pretty ridiculous (however cute these kittens may be!)

Take a look & let me know your thoughts on this very blatant attempt at creating something viral.

Did this make you want to eat biscuits?


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