Google Rolls out Panda 4.0

Google Rolls out Panda 4.0


As announced by Matt Cutts on Tuesday, Google has rolled out the latest Panda update, aptly named Panda 4.0.

Although the search engine pushes out roughly 500 of these a year, 4.0 is far bigger than most – hence the warning from Cutts himself:

For English SERPs, the impact is said to be 7.5 per cent of queries that are affected to a degree that is noticeable to a regular user.

According to Search Engine Land, some of the biggest losers of the update include the likes of and eBay, while the winners happen to be Wikimedia, WordPress and Your Dictionary.

But Panda 4.0 isn’t the only new update to be unleashed

Another announcement by Cutts is of course the Payday Loan 2.0 update, which is unrelated to either Panda or Penguin.

A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land that:

“Over the weekend we began rolling out a new algorithmic update. The update was neither Panda nor Penguin — it was the next generation of an algorithm that originally rolled out last summer for very spammy queries.”

The original Payday Loan Algorithm launched last year, and impacted roughly 0.3 per cent of U.S. queries, alongside 4 per cent of Turkish queries. The latest update will affect English queries at 0.2 per cent to a noticeable degree.


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