5 ways marketers should use Facebook Moments (if released)


5 ways marketers should use Facebook Moments (if released)

Rumours are currently circulating that Facebook is about to launch a new standalone app that allows users to select a subset of important friends to send posts to. Could Facebook Moments be the addition that social marketers have been waiting for?

Here are the top five ways marketers might use Moments to work in their favour:

1.  Organise fans into groups of interest

Similar to the way that Google+ allows you choose which fans go into which circle, Facebook moments allows you to group friends by interest area. This means you can quickly connect to the right community when posting content related to their interests.

2. Avoid content bombardment  

Have you noticed that sometimes your ‘likes’ list lowers straight after you post a status? This is because your posts will not be relatable to everyone connected to you on Facebook. Being able to target specific groups now means you can promote your products or services without annoying the masses.

3. Improve reach and response rate

It is no secret that Facebook has lowered the reach of business page posts over the past year. Moments could allow your posts to still appear in your friend’s or fan’s news feed. Moments posts would appear differently to standard posts, making them stand out, so this is likely to lead to a higher response rate from the group of people that you have aimed to reach.

4. Tune social customer relationship management

Moments could allow marketers to be quick and selective in contacting dissatisfied customers. Responses will be able to go directly to the user without everybody having the ability to see your reply.

You can also encourage your Facebook fans to make complaints via Moments – instead of their whole friends list seeing that they are not happy with your product or service.

5. Build customer loyalty

Loyal customers are the key brand ambassadors for your business. Those who receive moments get to see who else has been added to the post. Grouping small groups of loyal customers together to provide special offers or information will allow you to build solid relationships. This is likely to encourage your customers to spread positive feedback about your business.

Moments however, is currently in testing stage, so it has not yet been confirmed whether Facebook will launch the app.

What do you think? Do we need a Facebook inside a Facebook?

Leave your comments and ideas below.


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