Introducing the Blueclaw MarketScout Competitor Analysis Tool!


Introducing the Blueclaw MarketScout Competitor Analysis Tool!

In an industry full of tools, metrics and ‘mysteries’, it’s important to be able to sift the wheat from the chaff and identify the information you really need and to present it in a clear and concise way – which is where the Blueclaw MarketScout Competitor Analysis Tool comes in.

The tool brings together data from industry-standard tools, and to produce a very clear and comprehensive market comparison report.

The tool offers a unique combination of source data to enable companies to see where they need to make improvements to catch-up with or overtake their competitors in organic search.

The report generated by MarketScout is divided into nine easy-to-understand pages:

Overview Page

  • Indicates top-level visibility and identifies competitors for the site under analysis.
  • Provides straightforward definitions of metrics and terminology important in understanding the report.
  • Offers clear overview of key metrics for the site under analysis.

 Market Comparison Traffic Lights

  • Based on key metrics, details performance of site under analysis vs. the market leader for each metric.
  • A dashed red line indicates the average market performance for each metric.

Visibility Analysis

  • Displays visibility of site under analysis vs. competitors and highlights key differences.
  • Rankings in the top 10, average position score and number of indexed pages are detailed.

Off-Site Equity Analysis

  • Compares Trust Flow, number of referring domains, .edu and .gov domains.
  • Provides insight into the value and overall quality of backlink profiles.

Topical Equity Analysis

  • Offers an overview of site performance in terms of topics covered.
  • Clearly highlights opportunities for specific topic areas.

Opportunity Analysis

  • Offers an overview of impressions the site under analysis achieves vs. the competition
  • Based on a 5% CTR, details number of estimated visits can be achieved

Social Analysis

  • Shows social media activity for the site under analysis vs. competitors
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ metrics are displayed


  • Based on performance in each specific area of analysis, the site being profiles is rated red, orange or green, indicating main areas of strength/weakness.

Analysis Key Phrases

Details all the key phrases used for any keyword-related analysis in the report.

At Blueclaw we believe in ‘search with substance’. Digital marketing isn’t about wishy-washy tactics or buzz words; it’s about clear and effective strategies based on sound data. This is what MarketScout is all about.

Only by establishing the true search performance of a given site within its relevant market can you begin to piece together the strategies required to improve its performance. We are hugely excited about MarketScout’s ability to help us do just that. The easily-digestible data presented in the tool has already helped us in our internal reporting processes and we look forward to offering our clients more insight with this new product.


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