Keyword Intent: Garden Furniture


Keyword Intent: Garden Furniture

Last week I wrote a quick piece on finding intent keywords for the mortgages sector, using Google Keyword Planner. This time, we’re turning our attentions to keyword intent in the garden furniture sector, and we’re going to be using SEMrush.

So, firstly you’ll need to bring up SEMrush, enter your search term and then click ‘search’.

Now you should see the SEMrush dashboard where you will need to download the Phrase Match Report in CSV format. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the data sheet.

Next you’ll need to remove any mention of the phrase ‘garden furniture’.  In order to do this, highlight Column A, press CTRL + H and type in to the ‘find’ box “garden furniture”, and click ‘replace all’.

You will now be able to see the intent keywords around the garden furniture phrase – in other words, you can see exactly what people are typing when they look for garden furniture products.

It’s clear that ‘rattan’ furniture is the favourite among consumers and those searching for garden furniture with a whopping 60500 average search volume, and so this is the one phrase which retailers should be aiming to rank for, if relevant to their products. Searches for rattan (row two) are nearly 14 times more likely than searches for teak (row 18) style, which was once incredibly popular.

Unsurprisingly, brands and retailers, marked in red, feature heavily in people’s’ searches with Asda and Argos leading the way from Homebase and B & Q.   

In order to pick up extra traffic, retailers should consider optimising for the material of the garden furniture such as “plastic” (row 24) or “cast iron” (row 33), which are averaging 2900 and 1900 searches per month respectively.

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