Conservatories: Understanding the search market.

Conservatories: Understanding the search market.

According to figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change approximately 18% of households have a conservatory. They’re one of the most common ways in which people add extra space to their homes, and as a result the conservatory and orangery market is a competitive one. With that in mind, it’s essential that conservatory companies understand consumer behaviour online, and are ranking in the SERPs for the relevant phrases.

Firstly, it’s important that conservatory companies know exactly what people are searching for, and when they’re searching for it.

How do you find out what people are searching for I hear you ask? Well, it’s all about finding intent keywords. If you need a walkthrough on how to do this, I’ve previously written guides on how to find keyword intent using both Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush

So intent keywords for the conservatories sector look like this:


Immediately it’s clear that people want to know the cost of their conservatory or orangery. By ranking for phrases such as “how much is a conservatory”, companies have the opportunity to increase traffic to their website, which in turn is likely to increase the amount of inbound leads.

Next, take a look at this:


It’s interesting to see the trends of two different phrases, which are essentially the same thing, are doing completely different things, having initially started out at a very similar level. The phrase ‘conservatory, shown in blue, is on an upward trend, compared to ‘conservatories, shown in red, which is on a downward trend. Perhaps people are being lazy, or simply don’t know how to spell ‘conservatories’ correctly, hence using the shorter phrase, or alternatively, this could be down to Google having a better understanding of what people are searching for, for example through the development of RankBrain.

Unsurprisingly, the dip in the trends each year comes in December, a month where consumers tend not to have any spare cash for home improvements due to Christmas. In terms of peak times, we see a spike in the trend in around April and May as consumers look to purchase ahead of the warm summer weather.


Finally, we analyse the current market.

As you may have seen with other MarketScout articles, we always need a referring domain, and in this case I’ve used In addition to this, we need relevant keywords which have been taken from Google’s Keyword Planner. These are the top 100 phrases driving traffic to the market.

Anglian Home Improvements MS-9

From a quick snapshot of their visibility, we can see that they’re not performing too badly, but there’s certainly room for improvement.

Anglian Home Improvements MS-1

The visibility section of the MarketScout report shows us how is performing among its competitors in the ‘conservatory’ market. Anglian currently rank for 20 key phrases, with Everest, who are arguably Anglian’s biggest rival, ranking for 23. are the clear market leaders in terms of visibility with rankings for 57 of the top 100 keywords.

Anglian Home Improvements MS-3 should consider content marketing to build links from credible sources, in order to strengthen their trust flow and general back link profile.  This is another ranking factor which would aid them in their bid to outperform their rivals in the SERPs.

Anglian Home Improvements MS-4

From a shareable content point of view, perform reasonably well.  They have several thousand more shared pieces of content than, and retailer who perform well elsewhere in the report.

Anglian Home Improvements MS-7
So to summarise, we’ve covered what people are searching for, when they’re searching for it, and the current search presence of conservatory providers.  If you would like to find out how your business’ site is performing, then please get in touch.


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