The Search Visibility of Gym Membership


The Search Visibility of Gym Membership

The New Year is here, and to many people January means one thing – getting fit and healthy.  As a result, for our first blog post of 2016 we’ve decided to take a look at the search visibility of gym membership, and we have used as our referring domain.

Firstly though I want to take a look at the Trends graph for the ‘Gym Membership’ phrase.

GymMembership Trends

As expected, there is a noticeable spike in popularity in January as people look to work off all the turkey and alcohol they consumed over the festive period.

Interestingly though, there is also a spike in the September of each month.  This could be for a number of reasons, for example students looking for a gym at the start of a new University year or parents looking to go to the gym while their child is at school.

The graph also shows us the clear increase in popularity of the ‘gym membership’ search term over time, which suggests that there are now more people than ever going to their local gym.

Top Level Visibility:

This page of our MarketScout report shows us’s top-level visibility, as well as identifying competitors in the market. rank for 18 of the top 100 keywords, which is below the majority of others in the sector.

 MS easygym-1

Key Metrics:

The next page of the MarketScout report provides us with the information shown at the bottom of page one in a graph format, with the red line on each representing the average market performance.

MS easygym-2

Visibility vs Competitors:

This page of the report provides further insight into’s visibility. We can now see more of the top performers in the market, and see the number of rankings, average position and number of indexed pages.

MS easygym-3

Off-site Equity:

This section shows us how perform from an off-site perspective. We can see a comparison of Trust Flow, number of referring domains, as well as the number of referring .edu domains. Easygym perform reasonably well in this section, outperforming several competitors including, and

MS easygym-4

Topical Equity:

One of the key factors in rankings is that the site and the links pointing back to it are relevant to what are all about. The site has performs well for Shopping/Health content, however it’s surprising that Health/Fitness doesn’t feature more prominently, as this seems to be the primary topic driving traffic to the market.

MS easygym-5

Social Media:

This part of the report provides an analysis of the number of times website content has been shared via social channels. This is an area which don’t perform as well as some of the others in the sector, for example and

MS easygym-7


The traffic light system offers a simple indication on which areas the referring domain –, could improve upon.

MS easygym-8

Key Phrases:

The final page of our MarketScout report provides us with the top 100 keyphrases driving traffic to the industry which were used to compile the report. Using a traffic light colour coding system we can see which terms could rank potentially rank for. The phrases with ticks next to them indicate phrases which currently rank for.

MS easygym-9

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