SEO Hints and Tips for the Automotive industry


SEO Hints and Tips for the Automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive online, and so it’s important for your website to stand out, and that you optimize the site the best you possibly can.  That’s why we’ve put together these SEO hints and tips for the automotive industry.

Longtail Keywords.

Keywords are one of the main aspects of SEO, but the long-tail phrases often get forgotten about.  Although they won’t necessarily see the same sort of search volume as your chosen keywords, they do still have a part to play. Try using the manufacturer name, the model name, or the county where your dealership is located.

Page Layout!

OK, so this one isn’t completely related to SEO, but it is related to generating leads from your site. Think about the way people read; people read from left to right, and so if you have an on-page form for enquiries, then put it on the right hand side of the page! You’ll be surprised how much difference this makes.

The other thing to consider when it comes to page layout is how mobile-friendly is your site? With 60% of people using search engines via their smartphone at least on a weekly basis, the appearance of your site on a mobile device is becoming more and more important.

Google Business

If you haven’t got a Google My Business listing, then it’s probably a good idea to, as it helps considerably from a local SEO perspective.  As illustrated below, local search listings appear near the top of the rankings and so there’s more of a chance of your website attracting organic traffic.

SEOleeds Google My Business

Content & Social Media

Your social media channels are of course a great place for you to share the content you produce – if you’re not creating fresh content, then you’re likely to struggle to get rankings and drive traffic to your site. Social media posts or social media marketing are also good ways of engaging with potential customers.

Use Customer data to your advantage

Companies aren’t always aware that they could be sitting on a great piece of content marketing just from using the data they have on their customers.  In your CRM, you probably have all kinds of data, ranging from a customer’s name, address, and age, to what car they bought, when they bought it, what the specifications of the car were, whether they part-exchanged or were a cash buyer…Use this to your advantage and it could create a really interesting infographic or interactive piece. If you’re a nationwide dealership, then you could compare whether the same types of car are being bought by the same age demographic in different locations, or whether males or females spend more on their cars. There are almost endless possibilities for content marketing by using data which you already have, and because the piece is data-driven, when the time comes to outreach the piece, you’ll find a lot more ‘high-authority’ domains will link to it.


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