Automotive Market Search Trends


Automotive Market Search Trends

Our third blog this week sees us take a look at some automotive market search trends.  We’ve taken five different manufacturers and analysed the UK search trends around them, and compared them with each other.

First of all, we’ll look at the trends around Ford, who in the form of the Fiesta, had the bestselling car of 2015, with 133,434 registrations last year.

Ford Search Trends

The search trends show that Ford recovered well from the recession period where car sales dipped.  Searches for “Ford” have been on the up from 2013, and increased significantly last year, with a peak in searches coming in March when the new registrations were released.

Next we look at German giant BMW.

BMW Search Trends

The term ‘BMW’ averages 368,000 searches per month making it one of the most searched for in the UK. The trends show a similar pattern to that of Ford, however there’s a more noticeable upward trend through 2014. This may have been due to a new model release.

Thirdly, we turn our attention to Nissan. The Japanese manufacturer’s Qashqai model was one of the best-selling cars in the UK in 2015, and is seen by many as the first modern SUV crossover.

Nissan Search Trends

Despite there being an overall lull in searches between 2008 and 2013, searches for Nissan kept reasonably steady during this period. As with the other manufacturers, search volume increased from 2013.  There was a peak in searches in February 2015, and this could be down to people looking for the best deals before the new registration came out in March.

Next up, it’s Fiat.

Fiat Search Trends

This trend is interesting to see, with searches for “Fiat” not following the same pattern as the previous examples. Since the peak in the summer of 2009, searches crashed through 2010 and 2011, and have yet to fully recover.

Finally, cast our eye on Peugeot’s search trends.

Peugeot Search Trends

Although there was an initial downturn, the search trends for “Peugeot” have remained constant since 2008, although it does follow the pattern of there being an uplift around February and March.

As mentioned throughout, there is a very clear pattern when it comes to searching for manufacturers, with noticeable upward trends coming for each one coming as the registrations for the new year are released in March.

SearchTrends - Car Manafcturers


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