Property SEO - Five Top Tips


Property SEO - Five Top Tips

Today we’re giving you five property SEO top tips.  Whether estate agent or property developer, these hints should help you to build and improve your website.

Local Keywords.

Whether you’re a developer or an estate agent, it’s vital that your site is being found for the right keywords.  For example, if I was a developer who had just built a new estate in Leeds, I’d want to be ranking for phrases such as “Leeds houses”, “new houses Leeds”, “new build houses Leeds”, “new houses for sale Leeds” and all the variations thereof.  If you want a hint as to what keywords you should be optimising for, then take a look at your Google Analytics, and see how people are finding your website already, and build on that.

Landing Pages

You need to make sure that all your landing pages are relevant.  Has it got a title? Can potential customers see how you can help with what they’re looking for? Is there an obvious way for people to contact you, for example through an email form? You want website visitors to become leads, and without a strong landing page, you’ll struggle to do this.

Video Content

Video content is almost essential for estate agents and developers.  Do video tours of the houses you’re selling or renting to give potential buyers a feel of the place before they’ve even seen it “in the flesh”.

Links from relevant, high authority domains.

Links from organizations such as the Property Ombudsman, ARLA, RICS or NAEA, or even property sections of local newspapers will help you build a strong back link profile. If you’re trying to build your local profile, then think outside the box a little – has your estate agency done a sponsored run for a local charity or sponsored a local football team? Get these organizations to link back to your website.

Make sure your site is responsive.

A slow-to-load, difficult to use website is irritating at the best of times, let alone when you’re trying to search for your next home! Ensure that images load quickly, and that text is formatted correctly. Oh, and make sure your site is mobile-friendly as more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet.


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