An analysis of Bet365’s search presence


An analysis of Bet365’s search presence

On the Blueclaw blog this week, we’re taking a look at the iGaming industry, and we start with an analysis of Bet365’s search presence in the sports betting market.

As one of the UK’s, and indeed the worlds’, biggest operators it would be expected that Bet365 have a strong site, with excellent search visibility. We’ve run a MarketScout analysis on their site, and the results are interesting.

The initial page of the report gives us an overview of the site’s performance in comparison to its competition. From this we can see that doesn’t appear in the top 15 for search visibility for the keyphrases which were used in compiling this report, however it does have a very strong Trust Flow score of 67.


Rearranging the order of how the MarketScout report actually appears, next we’re going to show you the keywords which were used in putting the report together.


We’ve taken the top 100 keywords related to the industry, based on a small selection of seed keywords, which in turn are related to what is offered by, for example “football odds” or “cricket betting”.

The keywords represented here are colour coded based on a traffic light system. Based on the current state of the site, keywords which appear in green are ones which the site could rank for on page one with relative ease, and as you can see there are quite a few of these in this case!  Keywords which appear in yellow would require a little work to rank for, whereas words in red, which there are none of in this instance, would require a considerable amount of work to get the domain ranking in the top 10 search results.  A tick next to a keyword symbolizes that the site currently ranks for that particular term.

Next, we take a look at how’s Trust Flow, and how it compares to the other big players in the sports betting market.

Bet365-4 tops the table for Trust Flow, which is Majestic’s indication of how ‘trustworthy’ a site looks from a search engine perspective, based on the proximity of links in its back link profile to trusted domains.  The data on Trust Flow from the MarketScout report suggests that Bet365 have quality links pointing back to their domain, which would help the site rank for related keywords.

Other areas of the MarketScout report include analysis around Topical Equity, Social, further insight into visibility, and a traffic-light based overall conclusions page.  However, we’re going to move on, as we’ve discovered that is a strong site, and has the potential to rank for related keywords with relative ease. But the question remains on what’s stopping it from ranking as well as it should be.

Essentially, this is down to the entire site, with the exception of the ‘betting news’ section, being a Flash application, which presents a number of problems from an SEO perspective.

  • Poor on-page optimization – Key elements for optimizing a site include metatags and H1 tags, which are all missing from Flash.
  • No individual page URLs – This means that there’s just one URL for the entire site, meaning that only the home page is likely to rank for any keywords you hope the site will rank for, as there aren’t additional URLs for Google to index.
  • Difficult to mesure metrics in Analytics – Flash sites don’t always report accurately in Google Analytics, making it difficult to know where to make improvements to the site.

Although Google can now crawl text in Flash files, crawlers can’t always digest the information included in Flash files in the same way as it would with a HTML site, which limits indexing and consequently ranking capability.  In short, SEO and Flash just don’t mix, and it’s surprising that Bet365 have chosen to build what is effectively their entire site in Flash.


Delivering top quality SEO services for the iGaming industry is one of the areas which we pride ourselves on, and we have worked with a number of the most recognizable brands in the industry, including SkyBet and Bwin’s PartyPoker. If you would like some information on how we can help your site, please get in touch with us on 0113 234 3300, or use our contact us page.


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