Yorkshire Day At Blueclaw


Yorkshire Day At Blueclaw

Today marks another proud day for the White Rose county as it celebrates Yorkshire Day.

Festivities have been taking place across the county and while this year Halifax has been selected to exhibit what the county has to offer, we at Leeds-based Blueclaw have also been paying homage to God’s own country – but the celebration is older than you might think.

How old is Yorkshire Day?

This year’s anniversary marks 1,141 years since Yorkshire was established but the celebratory date was only created in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society. Nowadays the county joins together in remembering some of its greatest creations, from traditional products like Yorkshire Tea…

Yorkshire Day

How Yorkshire are we? 1200 teabags of Yorkshire..

…and Yorkshire puddings to artistic heavyweights such as Sir Patrick Stewart, David Hockney and the Chuckle Brothers (who else!?).

Though we were founded in Leeds over ten years ago, the office has welcomed a range of staff from across the country and the world. Though our Yorkshire natives are joined by staff from across England along with Portugal, Scotland and even Belarus, we’re still very Yorkshire.

Taking great pride in our Leeds roots, Blueclaw has naturally been enjoying our home county, reading the various social media Yorkshire anecdotes and having our say over the most attractive Yorkshire celebrities – we but we still had a question…

How do you celebrate Yorkshire Day?

The office carved out time this morning celebrating the history of Leeds using a slider we created for Parklane Properties called ‘Through The Ages’ and competing in the annual ‘Yorkshire Tea Drinking Championships’ and ‘Guess the Yorkshire Saying’ quiz.

In the end, Lucy from the elite Blueclaw content team supped the most tea in the shortest amount of time and got most (though not all) of the Yorkshire sayings correct, meaning she was crowned Blueclaw’s Yorkshire Queen -and is represented as the face of this blog. Congrats, Lucy!

Yorkshire Day Blueclaw


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