The 5% - Google's Premier Partner Event

Andrew Moody

The 5% - Google's Premier Partner Event

By Blueclaw Account Executive Andrew Moody.

As one of the 5% of UK digital agencies with the coveted Premier Partner status, Blueclaw were invited to attend the Google Premier Partner launch event.

Along with myself, our Client Services Manager Nadia Mursal and Marketing Director Martin Calvert were present to get the inside track on Google’s plans for mobile, video and search and meet a wide variety of inspiring figures – including renowned neuroscientist, Dr Beau Lotto, who gave a special presentation on the secrets of the brain’s visual system.

Google somehow surprised me at every turn. The whole event was constructed perfectly, even with a few technical issues at the start, it flowed flawlessly and even resulted in a bit of 360 degree (ish) photo magic –


(That’s me on the left)

What does being a Google Premier Partner mean?

According to Google a Premier Partner is:

  • Multiple team members individuals certified in AdWords, illustrating depth of AdWords knowledge.
  • Demonstrable capability at effectively managing high levels of client investment.
  • Meeting ambitious performance and quality standards by handling increasingly large and complex AdWords projects, along with client expansion and acquisition.

What it comes down to is being able to prove advanced expertise, creative and effective service for clients at the highest level and ongoing recognition from clients new and old that they trust us to do more for their marketing, and do it better than ever.


Google’s Fintan Gillespie spoke energetically and extensively about the attributes of Premier Partners and how increasingly what sets agencies apart are their ability (or not) to advice clients on integrated strategy – not just one or two aspects of digital marketing, but the total ecosystem of the internet economy.

It’s that understanding that enables agencies to propose the right mix of complementary strategies that will lead to serious client growth. Of course that involves paying close attention to the innovations and approaches of giants like Google, but at Blueclaw we take care to explore, test, adopt (and frequently rule out) new technologies and approaches of challenger brands.

We caught up with a bunch of partners, potential partners and our regular Google contacts. As you might expect, the event was beautifully designed with lots of space to walk and talk, so we came back with of little snippets and insight to apply to our own clients and ways of working.


Mixed in with the professional chit chat was plenty of scope for a bit of creative fun. I donned some of Dr Lotto’s perception-altering goggles to test my ability to hit a straight line with a tennis ball. Cue hilarity among colleagues when my success rate was less than stellar:


I’m also pleased to say we got fed…


On the entertainment side, a live rapper, acrobats and Dr Lotto’s amazing experiments were fantastic – and it left us feeling pretty appreciated by Google for being invited.

So. All in all it was a great event that we were pleased to be part of. For me it was a great to get inspiration from other agencies but of course getting the inside view from Google on what’s coming next and how they plan to support us and our clients was amazing.


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