Seven Days in Search – SEO Digest – 20th – 27th February 2017

Andrew Moody

Seven Days in Search – SEO Digest – 20th – 27th February 2017

SEO is a fast-moving discipline at times, but even when there aren’t rumblings from Google and SERP-watchers about algorithm changes and penalties, there are always snippets of insight that highlight how the world of search is evolving on a weekly basis – hence this regular feature.

Last week’s Seven Days in Search roundup is here.

Here’s the Blueclaw view of the three top stories of the previous Seven Days in Search:

Four US presidents in the KKK?

Featured snippets have been invaluable for a lot of the internet who count their time carefully. The ability to get an instant answer to your Googled question without the impatient sigh or a moan at internet speed has been a life saver…especially during a pub related debate.

Like many things with Google, algorithms change every day and rich snippets are no different. The main point of a Featured Snippet is to give you I would estimate that 99% of the data is correct. However, when Google does get it wrong, it’s always fun to point and laugh.

In this week’s example Google seem to be the judge jury and executioner and sentence 4 former US presidents to join the ranks of the Klu Klux Klan.  A quick search of “Presidents in the Klan brings back 4 names of presidents who were suspected of being in the Klan.


The point here is that they were only ever suspected – there was never any evidence to support the claims.

Even a search of “presidents in the KKK” &” bring back the same featured snippets.  “presidents in the klu klux klan” does bring back a a slightly different snippet but has the same related issues.

This isn’t the first time that featured snippets have let Google down. My personal favourite was in 2014 when the snippet stated that Barack Obama was the King of the United States…if only?Google 2

Bing UK now displaying National Health Service data for GP & hospital search queries

The National Health Service (NHS) has been working for over a year now to improve search results for general practitioner and hospital queries.

“Over the last year, we have collaborated with our friends at Bing to provide users with a comprehensive GP and hospital search experience,” reports a recent post on the NHS Choices blog.

The NHS says that queries for “GP in [location]” on Bing UK will now surface a list of local options with information on specific locations, open times and user reviews — all data that has been pulled from the NHS.

gp near me

As you can see the new snippets now show more detail on local medical services.

UX to be the future of SEO?

According to reports this week many industry leaders believe that UX will become a bigger influence on search algorithms.

With algorithms  changes constantly its no big surprise that this will start to play a bigger role. David Freeman covered this in substantial detail, with his main focus of the article being that Google would be right in leaning to UX as a bigger influence on search algorithms. He summarised his article with

“At the end of the day, what is good for the consumer is good for organic search performance — especially if we consider how machine learning is becoming ever more central to search algorithms and incorporating areas such as search sequence, as well as content quality, structure and sentiment.

To keep pace, agencies and marketers must broaden their SEO approach by placing a much greater focus on UX across the full range of owned assets.”

That’s all for this week but keep an eye on the Blueclaw blog for more SEO (and PPC, content marketing, PR and social..) insight!



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