Seven Days in Search – SEO Digest – 24th April –1st May 2017


Seven Days in Search – SEO Digest – 24th April –1st May 2017

SEO is a fast-moving discipline at times, but even when there aren’t rumblings from Google and SERP-watchers about algorithm changes and penalties, there are always snippets of insight that highlight how the world of search is evolving on a weekly basis – hence this regular feature.

Last week’s Seven Days in Search roundup is here.

Here’s the Blueclaw roundup of the three top stories of the previous Seven Days in Search:

Google reaffirms 15% of searches are new, never been searched before

Google made known that a remarkable 15 percent of searches performed by users on a daily basis had never been carried out before. Trillions of hunts for information go through the search engine every year, but this revelation illustrates the depth of work that has to be carried out in order to present people with the best solutions and responses to their queries from a vast supply of reliable sources.

Google themselves wrote:

“While our search results will never be perfect, we’re as committed as always to preserving your trust and to ensuring our products continue to be useful for everyone.”

In comparison to recent years, Google didn’t give a specific number of searches that they deal with in a year and simply referred to the number as being “trillions”.

Bing Ads rolls out Merchant Promotions for Shopping campaigns in US

Bing are now rolling their Merchant Promotions program out of pilot in the US, therefore providing advertisers with a way to draw attention to offers in their product ads.

When such a campaign is active, adverts can appear with a “Special Offer” extension. Clicking on this sign will generate a description, promotional code, expiration date and a connecting link to purchase the item.

Vendors are required to fill out a form to apply for this program with the approval process taking three to four business days. Further details can be found on Bing’s blog post which provides readers with an extensive overview of the plans.

IAB: Paid search was 48 percent of total digital spend in 2016

IAB’s revenue report highlighted that spending had deteriora ted on the desktop, but had grew by nearly $6 billion overall because of mobile paid search advertising.

Paid search accounted for roughly $35 billion in 2016, split almost evenly between the desktop and mobile. However, desktop paid search reduced by 10 points and was down by a little under $3 billion in real dollars.

On the other hand, mobile ad spending exceeded spending on the desktop for the first time and represented 51 percent of digital ad spending in the US. The mobile platform was the catalyst for evolution across all digital formats and consequently, mobile spending (across all formats) came in just under $37 billion in 2016.


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