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You can’t please everyone, and as sad as it is, as humans we are more inclined to write about a negative experience over a positive one. Even the best businesses will get a negative review every now and again, it’s natural and you shouldn’t be afraid to have a mixture of reviews about your company.

Most good businesses will naturally have a varied rating weighted towards the top end of the scale, but don’t feel your profile should be 5 stars only as this just isn’t natural.  As humans, we are also sceptical and a company that only has 5-star reviews can be viewed to be just as untrustworthy as one that has a high number of 1-2 stars.

Although we all know what reviews we’d like to receive it is NEVER ok to write your own or manipulate any that come in. What sets a good company apart from the rest is how you handle a negative review when one appears. If handled correctly you can actually turn a negative review into a positive about your company (depending on the complaint in question of course)

There are some rules to follow when it comes to negative reviews and nowadays there are so many platforms for people to complain, you need to be on the ball.

First of all:

Never delete a negative comment – Deleting a comment will only cause the person to go elsewhere to post an even more negative comment. Instead, reply to the comment apologising for the bad experience and take the issue offline a simple “We’re sorry to hear that name if you could email our customer services on xyz we would be happy to sort that out for you”


Make sure you address the problem offline. Whatever it is, make sure you listen to the comment and act on it. If it’s a staffing/service issue, talk to the member of staff/team about it. If it’s a process issue maybe look to review the process taking the comment on board. Whatever it is, just make sure you take it seriously.

Finally, remember to close the loop online:

Once you have solved the issue; whether it’s a refund, an apology or a fixed problem, make sure you close the loop online. This means going back onto the original comment where you replied with the ‘let’s take this offline’ style comment and make it known to others that the problem has been solved. A simple “So pleased we could sort that out for you name any problems in the future don’t’ hesitate to get in touch”.

Closing the loop allows those who have read the negative comment to see that you have addressed the problem in a professional manner and have dealt with it. This then becomes a positive on your company as it shows you care about what your customers say and the service they get.

Timing is also a key factor. If someone is writing a negative comment about your company, they are annoyed and you need to act as soon as possible. Just like if a comment is ignored, the longer you leave it to respond the more annoyed the person could get and the more negativity they could spread. Being on the ball responding to comments again shows dedication to customers and their needs.

Respond to positive comments too!

It’s not all about the negative, it’s also nice to respond to positive comments too. Show your customers you are present and listening and appreciate their kind words.

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