Seven Days in Search – SEO Digest – 21st–28th May 2017

SEO is a fast-moving discipline at times, but even when there aren’t rumblings from Google and SERP-watchers about algorithm changes and penalties, there are always snippets of insight that highlight how the world of search is evolving on a weekly basis – hence this regular feature.

Last week’s Seven Days in Search roundup is here.

Here’s the Blueclaw roundup of the three top stories of the previous Seven Days in Search:

Bing launches bots for local businesses

Local businesses are set to be boosted by Bing’s integration of bots into its search results. This software application sees chatbots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. These bots are generated automatically from statistics in Bing Places and will cooperate alongside Facebook Messenger and Cortana.

This interactive and transitional approach requires each business to provide basic answers to a few structured questions and acknowledge the agreement terms. After searching for the business, users will be presented with a screen shot similar to the one below.

By clicking into the bot, users can get answers to straightforward questions. The bot will point the user in the direction of a phone number should there be any questions that they are unable answer.

There is also the option for the bots to ask business owners additional questions, depending on the type of data that users are seeking. The fresh information will then be incorporated into the data set the bot uses to respond

Reasons Why Websites Still Matter To Local Search in 2017

The rise of social media profile pages has led to a decline in websites for small local businesses – specifically, a Capital One survey of 400 small businesses – its Fall 2016 Small Business Barometer Survey — found that only 56 percent have a company website. And only 53 percent of those were mobile-optimized. In other words, fewer than 30 percent of businesses surveyed had a mobile-optimized website.

Social media is the dominant force when it comes to online marketing with its popularity above search engine optimisation and paid search marketing. However, a large part of an enterprise’s reputation can be formed from whether they possess a website or not.

Giving your potential customer an option with multiple sources can have a significant impact on their purchase decision. Maintaining a website that has quality and relevant content is a critical part of local search and essential for attracting the customers necessary for business growth.

Google is testing 11 variations of black links in search results

The most recent change for this search engine giant is to replace blue links with black ones in the user interface. 11 different variations have so far been discovered as Google continue to provide the ultimate search experience. Below are a few of these variations

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