Content Marketing For SEO: Three Benefits You Might Be Missing


Content Marketing For SEO: Three Benefits You Might Be Missing

When used correctly, content marketing is a powerful approach that can significantly boost your SEO.

There’s plenty of articles out there pitting the value of content and SEO against each other in terms of marketing investment priorities. However, these articles often miss the point (and power) of integrated digital marketing. The best marketers understand that they work in tandem with one another.

Good content is well written and interesting but the exceptional content is that and more. The most effective content is frequently visually beautiful, newsworthy, original and (of course) beneficial to your SEO.

Let’s take a look at three of those key benefits to your overall SEO strategy:

Providing keyword opportunities

When we work with clients, our strategy team will conduct keyword research to identify the traffic-generating keywords that our clients should be aiming to rank for.

When advertising budgets are constrained, the more organic traffic, visibility and engagement you can earn the better.

From a content marketing perspective, we want to create engaging assets and collateral that will hook journalists, engage customers and achieve social shares and links to amplify brand visibility.

A keyword-centric approach to on and off-site content shapes what we create, and where we seek coverage to help our clients to increase prominence in the SERPS for those critical terms.

Lists of keywords or thin content that is stuffed with keywords all create a negative user experience and can lead to harsh penalties from Google.

Creative content, aligned to technical SEO principles allows you to demonstrate your expertise, tell your brand story and of course answer any questions that potential customers may have when searching your particular keywords.

Generating high authority links

A link from a website that has a DA of 60+ is always going to add value and authority to your website and in turn, will boost your visibility on SERPS. However, high-quality links are not handed out easily, you have to earn them!

A PR professional needs to be able to give something of value to journalists and that often is a piece of cleverly crafted content.

Content that wins coverage is often defined by several aspects:

  • Strong news hooks
  • Authority through the use of influencers,
  • Data journalism, stunning responsive designs and relevance to the client.
  • Stunning responsive designs 
  • Relevancy to the client.

Above all, it simply must be worth reporting. That’s what excites journalists, influencers and bloggers, and generates those high-quality links for our clients.

Lowering bounce rate

If someone arrives on your website from a search and can’t instantly find what they are looking for, they can ‘bounce’ away from your website and onto another, that is more suited to their requirements.

Search engines like Google factor your bounce rate into your overall SEO profile. Ultimately, Google strives to deliver relevant results to users based on their search terms, so if users are arriving on your site and clicking off quickly, then it can indicate that your website is not very relevant and your rankings can drop.

With landing pages, you need to capture a user’s attention but more importantly, you need to retain it. This could be through concise copy that delivers your key messages quickly or it could be through web page content that signposts the navigation; showing users exactly what page they need to click on to obtain their desired result.

Once again, content is powerful – the words you use need to convey the image of your brand, tell a story and above all answer any questions that a user may have can serve as the glue that brings visitors closer to becoming customers while supporting your SEO strategy. Without high-quality content, your bounce rate will only get higher.

Ultimately content marketing is a powerful tool that should feed into your SEO strategy.

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