Blueclaw at the IGB Berlin Affiliate Conference - and 5 Tips for iGaming Marketers

Martin Calvert

Blueclaw at the IGB Berlin Affiliate Conference - and 5 Tips for iGaming Marketers

The IGB Berlin Affiliate Conference is one of the biggest events in the international betting and gaming calendar, with thousands of attendees meeting exhibitors, influencers and experts from across the industry.

We were in attendance at Berlin’s Messe conference site to meet partners and clients and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

In addition to taking in the sights and sounds of the conference floor, I was happy to give a presentation on the Blueclaw view of content marketing, PR & SEO – with a specific focus on the the betting and gaming sector.

Blueclaw IGB Affiliate Conference Berlin

When it comes down to it, the success of off-site SEO is still heavily dependent on the right type of inbound links. Truly authoritative mainstream media and topical links is a key differentiating factor – and content marketing and PR is the key to unlocking this superior tier of link.

However, few operators or affiliates can consistently deliver this type of strategy, especially in a climate in which few media outlets habitually link to gaming sites.

I’m happy to share my slides in full (just write to me at but my five key takeaways for content-driven PR that supports SEO are:

  1. Empathise with potential audiences – use data and insight that matters

Understand what audiences, journalists and influencers are interested in, and make sure they have that reason to care about your content – data alone isn’t compelling. Data that tells a story is.

What type of content will resonate with them? What is the right format? Is it text, video, an interactive micro-site or the ubiquitous infographic? Whatever it is, it must have a hook that top sites and influencers can easily say yes to.

  1. Earn your Place

If your content makes claims that is easily shot down or has stats that are out of date, your coverage will be minimal – and publishers will suspect your next piece will be awful – potentially closing the door to future collaboration. Get the quality right.

  1. Be Practical

Understanding the confident you can effectively produce is one thing, knowing how best to sell the concept in to potential partners – and negotiate that link if required – means knowing the demands of the gatekeepers and prioritising. Don’t knock at closed doors.

  1. Be Dependable

One-off bits and pieces of content can have value, but building the capacity to become a go-to, utterly dependable resource means you’ll have an easier time getting coverage – and content-hungry sites will come to you for accurate, data-driven material, based on your reputation and the value your content adds to their sites.

  1. Get the Link

A brand mention may be of use but when using content marketing specifically to support SEO, understanding how to get the link you need in the most effective place is key.

When producing data journalism content specifically for someone else’s website, it can be tricky to ensure that you’re cited in the exact way you’d like to be.

Creating unmissable, engaging content or data journalism that is eminently linkable is one of the better ways to make a linking to your site is a logical thing for publishers to do. It’s important to ask – is linking logical for the journalist? Apply a bit of tenacity and secure the coverage that goes beyond boosting brand visibility to support SEO

Betting and gaming, like other industries, has to adapt in order for SEO and other digital channels to continually perform. We had a great time in Berlin meeting faces new and old – and are looking ahead to our next event already – to get the full presentation, just get in touch by writing to


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