Pinging Your Sitemap To Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and even Ask

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There are plenty of sites that have these links but thought it would be a good idea to post here. This is pinging your sitemap to the search engines. You have gone through the whole kafuffle  (first time I have ever wrote kafuffle in my life) of creating a sitemap so it’s a shame not to tell the search engines about it. The following therefore are links that allow you to ping your sitemap to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and even Ask:





I have to say I’m not overly sure on their effectiveness but it takes seconds to do so there’s really nothing to lose. Also on the subject of sitemaps it is worth setting up a Google account and adding your site to Webmaster Tools this allows you to tell Google about your sitemap this way. Be sure to verify your site first however.

Lastly a good site to generate an xml sitemap is xml sitemap generator.


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