Google and the Circle of SEO

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Google is laughing at us.

They have developed SEO from the cheap alternative way to promote your business into a fully integrated follower of the long-standing traditional rules of business. And a lot of people don’t seem to have noticed.

In the past, you had a product or business that you wanted to promote and you did so by spending vast amounts of money on PR and marketing campaigns, in order to relate to consumers.

Then when the internet and the search engines came along, people saw a trick. You could promote your product or business for next to nothing by getting to the top of search engines by keyword stuffing and swapping links all over the net. If your site was relevant to lots of keywords and had loads of links to make it important then it would gain traffic from having good rankings across the board.

In the last few years, Google has transformed the way the relevance and importance of a page are translated into rankings.

Keyword stuffing is now detected so that your pages can only be relevant to a handful of key phrases each – there are limits on the length of titles and descriptions, which if ignored, will not translate into high Google rankings.

And it’s getting harder to deceive Google as to how important your website is. If your website is very important then you have a huge number of one way links to your site. If you are trying to build your popularity then reciprocal links give it away. Simple.

So how do you gain one way links? Through online PR and creating content that people find interesting. And if you spend enough money on doing this right and manage to relate to consumers then your business should grow, meaning you gain one way links anyway.

So we’re back to the traditional rules of business. SEO has entered a new paradigm, wherein is has become the process of translating the traditional promotion process to the online channel.

Although Google might be laughing at those that haven’t noticed, the circle they’ve created is actually a good thing. SEO is no longer a load of black magic and voodoo dances. The process is logical and explanatory. Maybe now it can grow and use its adoption of traditional promotion rules as leverage to catch the attention of more of those SMEs that have failed to capitalise on the internet.

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