What is wrong with Bing?

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Bing has dropped the whole of one my websites over the weekend. The only change I’ve made to it in the last week is to put more copy on a few of the pages (incidentally Google has liked this, with a positive effect on rankings). So why has Bing dropped the whole site out of the top 500 results for all key terms in the past 3 days?

Maybe it’s some kind of backlash to the accusations of the algorithm being domain-name heavy i.e. domain name has a big effect on rankings in Bing. The domain name for my site was aimed at the main key phrase and was ranking quite well in Bing, possibly as a consequence. But no more.

Whatever it is, they best sort it out. If it’s some kind of strange tactic to shift people’s attention onto focusing their SEO efforts on getting into Bing and deflecting attention from Google then it isn’t going to work. I, for one, will just ignore them until I have any evidence that their merger with Yahoo comes to anything worthwhile in terms of market share.

Anyone else had strange goings-on with Bing and do you actually care?

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