How to deal with real time search

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The new battle to take control of real time search is fascinating  – not only because it could form the foundations for a proper assault on Google, but also because it shows that the Bing and Yahoo venture is a merging of two giants that are more out of touch than first thought.

They are still trying to replicate Google’s existing formula for success – rather than innovating and looking to capitalise on the next big thing. This has been a problem for Microsoft for a while. They almost missed the boat on the internet (high vaulting off the pier at the last minute) and now they’re showing their inability to recognise newly relevant trends yet again.

Perhaps they believe they’ve noticed something that others, such as Facebook, have missed. Where is the money in real time search? Google’s approach to search invented a billion dollar industry. If real time search makes Google’s existing approach redundant then that industry will disappear. There’s no way to get to the top of real time search, except for constantly spamming. Facebook might be thinking of the PPC market – that is where the real money lies. If they gain a large percentage of the real time search market, then their targeted ad system will be where the money lies, much the same as the generation of Google’s income at present.

I truly believe that real time search will only serve to complement the existing search industry and serve to monetise the social media industry, rather than wrestle the throes of power from Google’s hands. Google will blend real time into their existing system and Facebook (or Twitter? Don’t rule them out yet as they are currently ahead in my opinion) will build a viable (yet not entirely direct) competitor based purely on real-time, with income from PPC.

So how do we handle this? Well I hope I’ve shown that SEO will not become redundant. But there are ways we have to adapt to real time search. Currently, the easiest thing to do is to set up a Twitter feed from your blog. This is very easy to do – I currently set this up for WordPress blogs. Every time a new post is created, it is posted on twitter, so it is open to real time searches.

You make make great use of this feature – for example if a site has an RSS feed then you can import it into wordpress then use the twitter feed plugin to feed it to twitter.

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