Yahoo! Site Explorer Trick – Referring domains count vs total number of backlinks

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I had a chat a few days ago with a fellow SEO counterpart who let me know a quick trick when using Yahoo! Site Explorer. This method allows you to filter the number of referring domains from the total number of backlinks pointing to a web site.

I’ll use as an example.

Method  1

Go to and type in the search bar, when it forwards to the Yahoo! Site Explorer tool make sure you select the inlinks tab and the Except from this domain and Entire site drop down options – the result should state approximately 66,000 inlinks (this result shows you the approximate number of referring domains pointing to the, also the most relevant backlinks).

Yahoo! Site explorer result

Yahoo! Site Explorer result 1

Method 2 (this is the most common way to use Yahoo! Site Explorer)

This time use and not (use a new tab in Firefox or Explorer and paste in the address).  Enter into the Yahoo! Site Explorer search box and select the same settings as mentioned in Method 1. The end result will show a big difference, approximately 192,000 inlinks (this counts all back-links even if there are multiple links on the same domain).


Yahoo! Site Explorer result 2

There you go, now you can find out the number of referring domains vs the total number of backlinks pointing to a site when using Yahoo! Site Explorer. This is really useful when you want to find out exactly how diverse the sites are that link to you. Ideally you want a wide range of websites, each having only one link to your site to have the highest value in terms of link juice. Explore your site – and let us know what you find.

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  • Ellie

    I find this really interesting as I am new to the world of SEO and I have leant that having strong link juice is the key to success. I will be testing this out for my own website.. thanks

  • vivek

    Excellent this is really helping out the person who are new in the seo