4 Tips for Buying Old Domains for SEO

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Recently, here at Blueclaw we have been discussing and researching the use of old domains and their effectiveness in SEO. Some great ranking successes we have had with clients were through refreshing content on aged domains. There are now lots of sites that “auction” old domain names or let you make a bid on soon-to-be-expired domain name.

If you are going to buy an old domain, here are four points to consider:

  • Domain Age. Generally the older the domain, the most “trusted” it is by Google
  • Page Rank. It is possible to “inherit” Page Rank from a website, but first do a complete check on its history, using the points below.
  • Backlinks. The higher the number of backlinks to the website, the better. Use a backlink checker to make sure that these aren’t dodgy.
  • Previous History. Use the Internet Wayback Machine to see if there were previous content on the website, what content was on (is it relevant to what you want to use the website for?) and when it was last active.

Ask your clients if they have any old domain names lying around. Generally large companies would bulk buy terms based around their brand and main products and have them lie dormant for may years. These may be extremely useful when considering an off-site blog or building a micro-site to focus on a particular part of the company.

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