Strategic Bidding Tips – Adwords

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To get the best result from your Adwords advertising, it’s important to know how to bid strategically. The first step in strategic bidding is to identify how much your keywords cost you in comparison to how much revenue they generate. Once you have done this, you can start adjusting your bids to maximise return of investment.

Making The Most Of Your Bids – Google Analytics

Use the e-commerce conversion rate report available in Google Analytics. This report allows you to identify the most beneficial time for your ads to be displayed.  Simply look at the graph data based on hourly performance and see which part of the day is brining you the most purchases.

Making The Most Of Your Bids – Adwords

To make the most of this traffic, maximise your campaign exposure by enabling the bid adjustments option. You can find this feature in the Adwords Ad Scheduling settings. This will help your campaigns achieve 100% impression share and show your ads to a bigger audience at the right time.

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