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Generating content that is interesting and newsworthy is a popular technique in the world of online PR, especially for SEO purposes. The more interest your articles, blogs and news releases gain, the more likely you are to gain a high volume of clicks, brand exposure and ultimately traffic to your website.

Below is a list of useful ideas that lead to achieving a successful amount of exposure.


Keep headlines simple, they are more likely to be picked up and shared with an audience if they summarise the story effectively. Catchy phrases are likely to hold the readers eye and keep them hooked into reading the whole article. There is no point writing a good piece of news which lays dormant because the headline and opening sentence is a flop. An advert makes an impression within the first five seconds, and a news article should achieve the same.

Key words

Looking at the search volume of certain key words will indicate what people are looking for and increase how well your article/news release circulates. It is always a good idea to incorporate the keywords that have a high search volume within your writing and release it at the right time when people are likely to be looking for it. We like to use

Writing style

If you are writing a blog post, use numbers as they tend to simplify things for your audience and set out a clear indication to what you are talking about.  The ‘top 10’ list has always been successful as this splits heavy content into nice, easy to read sections. Chose your own personal style, writing appears boring if the same tone is used and content is simply copied.


Surprisingly articles that are published on weekends are shared up to 40% more than the average article.  This is because people have more time after the working week to browse the internet and social bookmark their favourite topics. In the US, Facebook and other social networking sites are banned within the workplace.

“According to a study commissioned by Robert Half Technology, an IT staffing company, 54 percent of U.S. companies say they’ve banned workers from using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, while on the job.”

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Theme of content

Researching your key audience is imperative if you wish to gain interest. There is no point publishing an article about exotic plants on a fashion blog. Why would people want to read this? Remember to relate your article to key topics discussed among the site or blog as you know they will appeal to the key audience.

If you are able to write a really good article that gets published on a newspaper site, ask friends and colleagues to comment on and social bookmark. This will help you to increase exposure.

It is beneficial to plan ahead and look out for up-coming events and news that you can tie your stories in with- this way you know that your information is ‘on topic’ and will more than likely get picked up. Monitoring Google Trends: Twitter feeds and Yahoo Buzz , will help you to gain an understanding of trending themes.


Pulling in attention? Be controversial

Generating a debate can always be a good way of getting your content and ideas noticed. For example, when the Dangerous Dogs Act  was announced, an article was published with an image of a rotweiller.


A Rotweiller

Many readers regarded this as un reasonable and protective owners and pet lovers commented below the article which proved to be somewhat, ‘heated’. The image was removed and an apology was made. Although this was not an intentional move, the response it gained was quite dramatic and made the article more ‘newsworthy’

If you are producing a news article make sure the story and headline is appealing. News never comes alive if it does not stand out to the human eye. Look at getting the news published on appropriate sites that cater for the subject matter and the right content.

As Lord Northcliffe quoted

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.

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    Every post we write should be interesting so that we can pull more visitors to the site, build more traffic. But sometimes it just becomes tiring to think of topics to write, sometimes we become blank, hoping for something to pop in.