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Online advertising is all about measuring results and monitoring your cost – that’s why it is so important for advertisers to focus on tracking and accountability.  By tracking the actions people take on your website after clicking your ad, you can determine the answer to the fundamental question: Is my ad campaign helping me make a profit? Online tracking software such as Google Analytics allows you to identify the top converting portions of your PPC campaigns and effectively cut campaign waste that’s negatively affecting your performance and CTR. This gives you the opportunity to make informative decisions when it comes to your ROI.
But, what about tracking offline conversions such as phone calls? How would you efficiently capture the offline impact of your online presence? After all, this could also be a large part of your campaigns spend. Call Tracking Software is the answer!

Make The Most of Unconverted Leads

Many advertisers cannot accurately track their PPC marketing, simply because they only focus on converted traffic and ignore the activity of unconverted leads. Implementing call tracking software would mean that such companies could tightly monitor their online impact, see a greater return of investment and understand how valuable the online channel is.

At Blueclaw, I have specifically been working with AdInsight tracking software. AdInsight Clarity is a visitor level call tracking solution that allows you to monitor every visitor to your website that converts by picking up the phone to complete a sale. It works by providing a unique PPC landing page telephone number that is not available through any other channel, making it easy for you to determine where your enquiries are coming from.

Older call tracking solutions have needed to use a 1 to 1 keyword match, where each keyword has a specific tracking number. The results you get are accurate but there are simply not enough telephone numbers in the UK for this approach to be effective. Other methods have used a 1 to many keyword match, but unfortunately this does not provide the level of accuracy required to efficiently optimise paid search campaigns.

Call logs newUnlike other call tracking software, AdInsight will focus on tracking calls at the visitor level, so you track the visitor more than the keyword itself. The system recognises each users ID number and saves visitor information so it can report on every keyword that generates telephone enquiries. This way you are able to get complete accuracy with your call tracking and drive further improvements to your ROI.

Call volume

Track Keywords to Offline Conversions

AdInsight can also increase advertisers ROI by tracking phone calls down to the keyword level, making it easier to identify the most common string of keywords resulting in offline conversions. Additionally, it helps recognize terms with poor conversion rates, which means that AdInsight can quickly point out all weak areas of your pay per click campaigns and help you efficiently refine your advertisements for better online marketing results.

KeywordsWin More Business

AdInsight’s job is not just finding and eliminating campaign waste.  This software is very helpful when it comes down to expanding your PPC campaigns and growing your online presence. The system can provide you with a sophisticated set of offline conversion data, which not only shows new keyword opportunities but also all referring sites and other search engines that contributed in delivering offline sales.

Referring Sites

This means that you can immediately increase your campaign exposure and gain higher volumes of qualified traffic from new targeted placements and advertising platforms, which are already working well for you.
With AdInsight, you can easily track the user navigation path and see what content people are viewing before they have decided to give you a call. This information helps advertisers optimise their ads more effectively and allows them point users to more targeted destination pages with all necessary information needed by a potential ‘caller’.

Visitor History

AdInsight allows you to filter out all high quality leads from unconverted visits and prove to your client that their paid search campaigns are delivering much higher volumes of qualified traffic than they thought it did! Call tracking software is definitely a powerful ROI booster, which can drive significant improvements when it comes to your CPA. Start capturing your ‘callers’ today!

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