5 Useful Websites for your PR Toolbox

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Before putting together PR campaigns and optimising your press release, it is useful to know who you are going to target and find out where the most influential people may be hiding. News will be picked up by the right people if it is relevant and current so creeping into the right hubs and schmoozing with journalists is always a wise move.

Tweet chat

This is a great tool for rubbing shoulders with influential people such as, journalists, news reporters and keen bloggers. You can use tweet chat to spark up conversations and make sure you are connecting with people in your preferred niche. The benefit of using this is that it allows for real-time observation and participation in conversations that might be of interest to your clients / brands.


Is a place to find journalists on twitter, so you know what they are looking for and can track them down to offer your help! You can see what current topics are being discussed and offer to be part of the network.

Twazz Up

Another handy tool that lets you seek out influencers and pick up on latest views and opinions related to your industry. For example if you type in ‘Pet Food’ the search tool brings up all related news and discussions around this topic. It also points out who is seen as influential and lets you obtain there contact details. You can view images of interest and also locate where useful tweets are coming from.

Press feed

This paid service enables you to have your own press room where journalists can identify your press releases or news articles and chose to use them for their own work. This is a good way of building up your reputation and figure out your position and how reputable you are within the industry.

Tweet Deck

Once news has been fed out through the right channels, most people think it is easy to sit back and wash their hands of it. What we shouldn’t forget, is that it is still greatly important to monitor and evaluate the success of a campaign, like we would in the offline world. Tweet Deck aids you in monitoring your social media mentions and helps you to find out where you are being talked about the most.  This tool is very easy to use and well organised and will only take a few minutes to set up.

A similar tool is Hootsuite

Try out these tools and share your feedback with me as it is always interesting to know what is working for others and hear success stories.

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  • V Char

    Thanks for the list! I have been using hootsuite for quite sometime now. Great for scheduling needed tweets.