Our Top Ten Tips For A Very Profitable Christmas

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Christmas songs on the radio, festive decorations in the shops- every year it seems to get earlier. Analysis from Google’s Insights for Search however shows that the inflection point for Christmas- related searches begins between September and October. Is your website ready for Christmas?

Last year was another record for online sales over Christmas. Figures from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index showed that UK shoppers spent £5.46 billion online in December 2009 – an equivalent of £88.93 for every person in the UK – 17% up on December 2008. The peak week for online Christmas shopping was the second week in December. This year sales are projected to be even higher.

So what should be done to make sure that you take advantage of this? Here are a few ideas:

1- Emails and promotions for Christmas should be planned now, if they haven’t been already.

2- It is not too early to add a Christmas gifts section on your site now.

3- It is always a struggle to think of presents. Highlighted content e.g. “Gifts for her under £30” will help give ideas and increase conversions.

4- Selling presents also gives an opportunity to sell the extras if possible in your cart- cards with personalised messages and wrapping for example.

5- Special price incentives and discount codes for Christmas will help increase conversions.

6- Some shopping carts allow shoppers to add an additional delivery address, such as for sending presents to other people- if this is the case, this can be turned into a selling point

If you are running an AdWords campaign, the following should also be considered:

7- New ad groups (and/or campaigns) for Christmas.

8- Using ad text to promote special Christmas offers (or discount codes), as well as gift idea messages- such as the “gifts for her under £30” example which would use the landing page designed for this purpose.

9- Delivery of goods particularly as we get nearer to Christmas is a crucial consideration for shoppers and this should be highlighted in the ad text (as well as easy to find delivery information concerning the Christmas period on your website).

10- To make the most of Christmas Conversions, consult an expert! If you want us to assist you in any of these areas, please get in touch on 0113 2343300.

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