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Pivot Table Pivot Tables in SEO.

How To Use VLookup Function in Excel

I hate excel. It has to be said. However we use excel everyday for everything, simple calculations, records of rankings, doing keyword research etc. One of the things that I had to do this week is compare monthly search volume on certain keywords and plot it against current rankings into a graph.
Sounds easy, and it IS easy and there are resources like Rich Baxter’s tutorial that shows you how to do it – but I just wasn’t following half way. 🙁 It is no doubt an awesome tutorial that probably took ages to do and I appreciate that –  this post on the other hand, is kinda like an extension of that post, if you will, but for really slow folks like me who need to go through every single step slowly, understand it and then have screenshots in front of my face for every click.

Like for example, Rich has revealed the VLOOKUP function code: =VLOOKUP(A2,rankings!$A$1:$B$13,2,0) and tried to explain what all these weird numbers and letters mean. But it didn’t register with me. And also, I need to know what every segment of the code means.

How To Create A Pivot Table in Excel For SEO

Then there’s that dreaded pivot table thing that looks cool and all but I got lost halfway in the middle of all the geeky references of “array” “format” “seconday axis” etc due to my dyspraxia. But I got there in the end. So I’ve created these 2 guides with complete screenshots and explanation of every single step and click you have to do to create your Pivot Table and using VLOOKUP in excel.

Download Guide:
[Simplyifying and Understanding VLOOKUP] (right click on the click and select save link as)

Download Guide:
[Excel For SEOs – Pivot Tables] (right click on the click and select save link as)


Pivot Table Guide

Looks daunting? It really isnt!

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