Blogging 2010- What does 2011 bring?

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•    There are over 200,000,000 blogs
•    77% of all Internet users read blogs
•    60% of bloggers are between the ages 18-44
•    One in five bloggers post opinions about products and brands
•    More than 50% of bloggers have more than one blog.
•    Bloggers use an average of five different social sites to drive traffic to their blog.

[Social Media Facts and Stats for 2010, taken from]

From the above stats we can see that blogging has remained a very prominent activity throughout 2010, with the majority of businesses small and large opting to share their news and knowledge with others. The question is how do you maintain an interesting and interactive blog in 2011?

  • Make sure topics are on trend as this will provoke conversation and people will choose to engage with you.
  • Discuss company news in a tone that makes you appear genuine and approachable.
  • Brag about your achievements and success!
  • Share your knowledge and Wisdom with a large audience- get them on side!
  • If you have a guru in the office – get them blogging. Blogs are a great tool to help very knowledgeable members establish themselves as experts in a field or topic.
  • Include images and videos as they make your witing  more attractive, encouraging engagement with your readers.Humorous videos can generate attention and encourage word of mouth.

An interesting blog drives people to your website and you instantly gain more visitors through a cost free promotion. Google loves fresh content so updating on a regular basis is worthwhile as you will start to see more and more movement in terms of search.

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