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  • Nice list, not sure I’m a huge fan of article spinning but thanks for sharing.

  • Steve

    Hope Matt Cutts doesn’t read this 🙂

    You reminded me I need to flirt with the darkside more…

  • Tehkseven

    Is Majestic a better investment than SEOMOZ Pro?

    I’ve had Pro for years but find I very rarely use it. Though perhaps that’s not their fault.

    How does Majestic measure up?

  • Hi Mate,

    I have used both for years. Apparently SEOMoz just released a newer version but I haven’t used them recently to see the difference.

    Majestic’s API and level of data they do retrieve and have for much longer I think is much better in terms of usefulness. This is because you can pull whatever you want from it.

    Try their trial. I know Dixon very well and they will even help walk you through the exact differences.

    Gary Beal