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With Blogger going into read-only mode on Friday for 24 hours; bloggers lost over 30 hours of posts and comments. Instead of being able to access their blog they were faced with this message.



Many people lost existing blog posts that they had put up the previous day, which meant people lost their content and any comments they had recieved. Blogger promised that any posts lost would be reinstated back on to blogs, however  members were still left with missing posts after the weekend, with little hope of getting them back. My post which went live on Thursday had dissappeared and has still not been restored. Which meant I had to write it all again from memory; taking more time out of my day. However this could be a little lesson learnt, reminding people that it is essential to back up your content incase something like this would ever happen again. Blogger does have an export tool which allows you to back up your data; which many will be wishing they had used after the down time. I know I will certainly be exporting my data from now on but it has also pushed me into thinking about moving my blog to a different platform.

It has also reminded users that Blogger is a free service and has been relatively bug free up until now. Many bloggers have been discussing the fact that they would be willing to pay for the service so they would receive a better support service because when the service went down there was no one to directly speak to. This left Blogger users feeling extremely disgruntled with the fact they had to just wait it out with no idea of what was going on and no time frame as to when it would be back up.

Another big problem with Blogger going down is that many use their blogs as a news service and now any of the posts from last week would be deemed old news which could lose them readers. Many angry bloggers on Twitter were stating they were going to change services if this kind of thing continued to happen, as the Blogger twitter offered little support and updates for people. WordPress was a popular platform people were thinking of changing to in light of this error from Blogger; a self hosted platform would give people more freedom and more control over their blog. They felt that Blogger could of at least kept people informed with any progress made. This all comes after many major brands seem to be having problems with their services, just look at Sony and Amazon. It just shows that even the mighty can fall.

All questions as to why Blogger was down for so long haven’t been answered but many people have simply offered the explanation that it was the curse of ‘Friday the 13th.’

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