The increasing use of infographics and a brief look at Vizualize Me

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In my last blogpost, I discussed a new website concept from a company called In which I stated in the post that I anticipated other infographic website, similar to being produced.

Funnily enough, I was correct, it was to be fair an obvious prediction, a website called sprung into action and is now taking registration details, into a similar fashion as to

Infographics are a growing trend in the digital world, but have really taken off in the last year or so, reaching another level in popularity. Many digital agencies tend to use infographics as link baits, providing most of the time useless facts, in a pretty manner.

I’m an avid reader of the Web Designer Magazine, who publish statistics in a readable format called an “excitographic. From a personal stance, I prefer that, for the reason I feel it more engaging with the reader. However, it is more down to personal opinion.

I’ve introduced the website to you, so why not add some detail surrounding the company, their awards and more:


Owner of the company, Eugene Woo, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur, on his 3rd startup. In which he has over 10 years of software experience in both consumer and enterprise spaces.

The website allows users to turn their CV’s into visual data, such as infographics, graphs and pictures, transforming. Thus helping improve their chances of succeeding in a job application or in a sales pitch.

Vizualize Me allows you the user to sign in with your linkedin profile and turn the data you have into a fancy visual presentation.

In half a day, the website had received an incredible 10,000 views and 1000 sign-ups to the invite list for the launch.

Example of A Vizualize.Me Resume / CV

Vizualize.Me CV Example

Vizualize.Me CV Example

Award Winning Company & Press Recognition

In a short space of time, Vizualize Me has been recognised by the media and startup companies. For example, they’ve been posted on the Forbes, Mashable, Blogto and Fast Co websites. They’ve also been successful and won two startup awards by design blogs:

Will They Be Successful?

Quite frankly, I think they’ll be successful in the I.T / Marketing and Media circles, probably the niche that matters most to them.

However it is hard to say if they will break into other niches, such as teachers or other qualified professions.

What do you think about the product or inforgraphics in general?

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