Finding Influencers Using Followerwonk

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Social Media is a nation wide conversation. It’s about engaging with people in your community, knowing who is influencial within your community and how active they are within your niche. But how do you find people within your niche? And how do you know if they are influential or whether they are even active?

Followerwonk is a fantastic tool to cover all the above questions. It is a cheap and efficient way for small businesses to monitor and measure potential influencers that can amplify their marketing efforts. Using this tool you can search for keywords within a person’s bio, for example if you are looking for bloggers with children you can type in “mummy blogger”. In the advanced search you can also decide what location you are looking for and in even more detail how many tweets/followers/following they have.

Follower Bio

Follower Bio

The results will then provide you with all the Twitter users that match your search with information including:

  • Screen Name
  • Twitter Handle
  • Influence Score
  • Tweets
  • Following
  • Followers
  • How long they have been on Twitter
  • Whether you are currently following them or whether they are currently following you

You can organise the results based on any of these statistics.

This data can then be exported into a CSV or excel spreadsheet to be used at any time or you can follow individuals instantly using Twitter straight from the application.

Once you have created your shortlist of potential influencers you can then analyse their followers (or who they are following) to find out who will be the best to build a relationship with. You will be given statistics about their followers such as their average, what language they speak, their influence scores and what time of day they are active.

Followerwonk Followers Activity

Followerwonk Followers Activity

Once you have acquired your top list of influencers within your niche it is important to ensure that they are active with their social media, if you aren’t able to engage with them then they will not be beneficial to you. Interact with them on different levels, comment on their blog, retweet something they have posted or simply reply to a tweet they have sent. If you are demonstrating expertise and being social they are most likely to engage with you.

Followerwonk has a free and paid version based on your usage, however today the tool was acquired by SEOMoz, so if you are a Moz Pro member you can access it for free! Followerwonk now has a shiny new look and though it is still a product in its own right it compliments the SEOMoz tools perfectly. The future is bright with the opportunity for the two to develop together and become a unique analytics solution.


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