Pancake Day at Blueclaw

It’s Pancake Day, and that means another excuse for the Blueclaw team to bake and eat, so that’s exactly what has been happening today.

Also known as Shrove Tuesday, that name comes from the word ‘shrive’ – meaning absolution from sin as a result of carrying out penance. Though not all of us are magnificent in the kitchen, none of the pancakes created quite count as penance.

There are varieties  for every palate, including blueberry, scotch and reliably plain – with the toaster going into overdrive.

Toppings include strawberry jam, cream, fresh lemon, sugar, banana and Nutella – because..well..why not?

Blueclaw Pancake Day 2

We think it makes for good brain food, and the fuel for a productive client planning session – as illustrated by content marketing expert Richard’s determined expression –

Blueclaw Pancake Tuesday 3

To become part of future Blueclaw bake-athons, why not check out our current vacancies?

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