BWIN – Multilingual Content Marketing – Billion Euro Football Game

1. Summary

The €Billion Game is an interactive graphic based on the premise that the Champions League Final is now the richest game in world football.

Along with Your Brain on Poker and NBA Faceoff, it is part of the award-winning “3 iGaming Victories” content marketing pieces. 

2. Brief

  • Organically earn high-quality editorial links to build domain authority and improve search visibility.

  • Increase brand awareness (via press coverage, social shares, and exposure on sites and publications our target audience read)

  • Positively affect the numbers of bwin RMPs (Real Money Players) & FTDs (First Time Depositors)

3. Strategy

We devised a piece which tests the claim that the Champions League Final is now the richest game in world football, which was a common subject of press attention in the lead up to the match.

We acquired data regarding prize money, sponsorships, TV rights, attendances, and other commercial activities, and in doing so we found that the Champions League Final is worth €1billion.

We then built this into an interactive piece, using CSS and JavaScript, which enabled the user to view the data in a more eye-catching format.  The user was able to view the breakdown of prize money, sponsorships and attendances of either Barcelona or Juventus on a round by round basis.  The highest earning players from the two teams were also featured.

When the build was finished, our Content & Online PR team outreached the piece to relevant sports journalists, websites and football bloggers.

The Billion Euro Game explores the financial benefits that the game delivers for the finalists, their cities, and the governing body UEFA.

4. Results

  • 10,500 unique visitors from across the globe.

  • 60+ high authority links.

  • Coverage in the UK, US, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Spain on sites such as, and

  • 6,800 visits from referral traffic due to media and blog coverage.