Party Poker – Award Winning Content Marketing – Your Brain on Poker

1. Summary

Our award-winning “Your Brain on Poker” piece was created for Bwin’s PartyPoker brand, to help them acquire high-end backlinks and quality traffic within the highly competitive Poker SERPs. PartyPoker is a Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment brand, and has one of the world's longest established and biggest online poker rooms, and operates in one of the most competitive search verticals.

2. Brief

PartyPoker briefed us to create a piece of content for search marketing aims that would attract backlinks from a variety of high authority sources, as well as social shares and media coverage.

To successfully fulfil these aims the content would need to be innovative and creative, building a newsworthy buzz that would attract interest from news and blog sites, and be readily shared by social media users.

3. Strategy

We came up with the idea of commissioning SimpleUsability, a behavioural research consultancy, to undertake bespoke research aimed at understanding the neural activity within the brain when playing online poker.

Using an electroencephalography (EEG) headset, SimpleUsability were able to analyse PartyPoker members with varying skill levels - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert – as they competed in 40 minute poker sessions. Game events analysed included the Deal, Flop, Turn and River, as well as player betting actions such as the ‘Raise’, ‘Call’, ‘Check’ or going ‘All-in.’

The output from the EEG headset was visualised using a specialist suite of Emotiv software designed to show levels of engagement, frustration and short and long term excitement across all areas of the brain.

Our Content and Design teams then met internally to ensure the design vision was aligned with the content that needed to be presented, and that crucially the study’s findings were fully represented. Initial concepts were story-boarded and approved by the client before front-end development commenced. Our design team used a range of cutting edge CSS and Javascript techniques to animate the graphics within the piece and build intrigue around the subject matter.

Upon completion, our Content and Online PR team outreached the piece to a variety of pre-researched outlets, including bloggers and mainstream media, as well as seeding on various social media/content platforms. We focused our outreach process on niche poker sites and blogs, sports sites and social bookmarking activity.

4. Results

The results have been impressive, with attracting over 500,000 site visits without any paid advertising, and acquiring links from over 140+ high-authority referring domains, far exceeding the target of 50. Coverage has come from sites such as the Daily Star,, and

“Your Brain on Poker” was part of our content marketing trio which claimed “Best Use of Search – Gaming” at the 2015 UK Search Awards. It has also been awarded with CSS Winner’s ‘Site of the Day’, ‘Website of the Day’ from the CSS Design Awards, an Honourable Mention from Awwwards, and shortlistings in the FWA Awards and the Drum Content Awards.