Skybet Transfer Trends – Twitter API Application

1. Summary

We created Transfer Trends for Sky Bet after we were approached to build a tool which would collate all the latest transfer news from Twitter, in order to engage potential customers.

2. Brief

The tool not only had to meet SEO objectives, but also had to provide content angles for Sky Bet’s social media team. The tool had to integrate with their odds feed, providing opportunities for users to place bets.

Sky Bet has more transfer betting markets than any other operator in the UK, and the task given to us was designed to reinforce the brand’s dominance in this area.

3. Strategy

Using Twitter’s Streaming API, our developers built the tool to filter through newspapers, journalists, and news sites. The tool was built to also tally Retweets of Tweets, using the Twitter’s REST API. All the data was then assembled into a league of transfer trends.

The campaign was re-launched following the World Cup and an iFrame was created, allowing bloggers and publishers to embed their team’s Transfer Trends page within their posts. We followed up and finished the campaign with a timeline, highlighting the biggest transfers of the summer and integrating top Tweets, Retweets, and even Sky Bet’s odds history.

4. Results

Within the first four days of the application being live at the end of the January window, the page attracted over 50,000 visits, of which around 10,000 were unique visitors. The summer surpassed that with 23,512 unique views and 55,737 views, also earning a placement on ESPN, which generated 1,896,004 impressions and 6,885 clicks. It also resulted in a banner being placed on Sky Sports’ renowned Transfer Centre. Over the course of the entire campaign, the application attracted over 70,000 unique visits, stimulating a significant number of bets for the bookmaker.

The piece has earned links from a number of high quality domains including, and Elsewhere the application was shared on numerous high profile online publications including, the Scotsman, and TalkChelsea.

Transfer Trends has turned out to be an evergreen piece of content, with it attracting traffic during every transfer window since it first went live making it a considerable success.